How to maintain the portable AC?

When it comes to feeling comfortable on summer days, we all opt for the air conditioning. Buying an air conditioner is not a luxury anymore. It has become necessary to keep the environment comfortable in the room when you are sleeping or working. Many manufacturing companies introduce the portable air conditioner to make the task of cooling down the air in a room simple and cost-effective. If you are searching for and the option to lower the temperature of a specific area cost-effectively, small AC with portability I can help you to get the desired result.


But only buying a portable AC is not enough to get a long-lasting result. You must clean and maintain the device regularly. Here we are going to give you some useful maintenance tips for the portable air conditioner.

Filter cleaning

Different models of portable AC come into the market in different designs. Cleaning the filters of the air conditioner is very important to continue the air cooling service without any interruption. You can bring out the filter and clean it as per the direction of the manufacturing companies and set it back again. You should always remember that the filter is the main part of the device that may attract dust and dirt with air while passing it to lower the temperature.

Clear the water

The water in the air gets collected inside the air conditioning units, and you need to clear it on time. Many portable air conditioners have a tank inside to collect the extra condensation. You can easily empty this tank at a certain interval to keep the device away from damages. The manufacturing companies provide a guideline to clean the water from the device, and you should follow the instruction carefully.

Clean the exterior part

Only cleaning the filters and the condensation tank of the inner body of portable ac is not enough. You should also clean the exterior part of the device. Only wiping the exterior part of the machine with damp clean cotton after every few weeks is enough.

These are the main tips that one should follow when having a portable AC in their house or office. Blaux Portable AC has the best features to maintain and run properly in the long run.

When you are buying a mobile AC for your place, you should be aware of its servicing process to get the best use.